The machine profession needs a top-grade supply

Release Time: 2010/1/30 16:27:57

The profession statisticses a manifestation, our country just for engineering machine the foundation of the kit zero parts business enterprises contain more than 300 houses, but sell a sum over hundred million dollar not more than 10, not only can't satisfy the augmentative demand of the host yield, say nothing of satisfy hugely maintained a spare parts market.

  Expert inside the industry think that to Chinese engineering machine profession to say, create a top-grade supply chain, not only is the measure of expediency that should rise in price to the original material, be still with foreign business enterprise together the farsighted strategy of set tournament.The machine supply chain of the our country engineering should pass continuously resources integration, extend, carry out scale management.The foundation only turned in the scale up, the kit business enterprise just has technique and realization of the core manufacturing of the ability to development profession to turn production, then can be real to attain the fixed position of "4 Ss", namely the product sale, after-sales service, accessories supply and information collect of four integral whole.

  The supply chain of globalization

  Turn today that the trend can't converse in the global economic integral whole, the Chinese engineering machine business enterprise should actively participate a world division of labour, and the supply chain of its globalization should also include 2:On the other hand, the host manufacturing business enterprise which is placed in the upper stream industry a chain can promote product file a time as soon as possible in allocation resources inside the global scope;On the other hand, being placed in the downstream industry the foundation of the chain zero parts business enterprises can sooner come out an entrance to a country, promote oneself as soon as possible in the process of participating a foreign business enterprise kit a supply, thus further do the whole engineering machine supply chain to greatly do strong.

  Information-based supply chain

  Industrialize ages after the information change into show Zhao marking of, how do fast reaction to the need while have no circumstance of need a great deal of stock, how under the prop up of information system that keep a service level of in the meantime, existing stock, fixed assets, conveyance tool reduce to lowest level etc., these all need each node of supply chain business enterprise at height integration carry out an information to synchronously share.But local engineering machine the business enterprise is particularly a downstream supply chain the business enterprise should quickly try hard to catch up with after the information-based construction still compare Zhi.

  Integrated supply chain