Machine industry:Export the income descends not and obviously

Release Time: 2010/1/30 16:22:30


The machine profession is the material industry of national economy and compared to early participate an international market a competition.Renminbi appreciation to machine profession, the total influence is negative, but the degree be limited.
See from the sale distribute of production value of the machine profession, our country machine profession of development main depend inside need to pull to move.Although the last few years export increase soon quicker, because the cardinal number is too small, exported a quota and almost increase.2005 year ago 4 months, the machine profession export delivers goods to be worth 191,777,000,000 dollars, have 16.79% of the whole profession sale production value and the comparison even compares to have to descend at the end of in 2004.Therefore, renminbi appreciation cause of the exit income descend an effect very obvious to machine profession's influence.But export a comparison because of each sub- profession of machine dissimilarity, influence each difference.
Delivered goods the specific weight that the value shared sales income to see from the each sub- profession export, 2005 year ago 4 month cultures transact an equipments and gather to pack tallest with the ships manufacturing industry export's comparison, be subjected to of negative influence biggest;Farm machinery, I.C. engine and the engineering machine export comparison is smaller, at below 10%, is revalue of negative the influence be smaller;The other professionses are basic to be placed in the profession average level.
See from cost effect, revalue can part of arrive to reduce the negative influence that the expectation income lower.The our country equips currently the manufacturing industry whole technique level isn't very high, Gao additional value, the key of the high technique content zero partses(if the ship uses song stalk and gives or get an electric shock to control an equipments) still need to be import.Therefore, the appreciation will cause the importing cost lower, this would the decrease export income lowers to some extent of negative influence.  

Because this time appreciation is instant, the income cost effect is the influence in future.Say for now, foreign currency property and liabilities bring of heavy estimate an effect is instant.Therefore say for those professions that the product export's comparison is more big and owns more foreign exchange legal right a property, revalue to make property heavy to estimate to reduce a value, produce parts of exchange profit and loss;But need a great comparison import and own more foreign exchange obligation the profession of the liabilities to say to zero partses, revalue to make liabilities heavy to estimate to reduce a value and produce parts of exchange incomes.

From take the long view, renminbi appreciation will raise cost and selling price of the machine product of the our country export, lower an our country machine a