Strange Rui car completely more

Release Time: 2010/1/30 16:21:59

 The reporter knows recently, since this month, the strange Rui car domestic sale vehicle has already adopted independent ACTECO to launch machine completely, this symbolize Chinese independent brand will thoroughly get away from to depend on abroad to launch the machine then can build a car of history.The reporter still have to arrive an astonishing news, strange Rui car the single month sells to break 45,000 March and created the Chinese car sell of another miracle.This leaves the month that the reporter predict to sell 50,000, whole year total amount 500,000 already not far.
  In fact get at the reporter for same days(March 31) of news, strange Rui the 30,000th set ACTECO launch machine to smoothly log out.Take this as marking, the core technique-ACTECO of strange Rui's launching the month productivity of machine has already broken 30,000 sets and became about 400,000: year productivity of actual produce ability.According to understanding, the ACTECO is the parts brand of the car core that the strange Rui head has strategic meaning, is more the Chinese head completely owns an independent intelligent property right, the scale turn management, internationalization of the car launch machine brand.From March 18, 2005, the strange Rui which produces ACTECO series to launch machine launches machine two factories to build up hurl to produce, the first wholesale motive log out and light a fire success beginning, launch the machine monthly productivity to break 30,000 sets to the ACTECO series in nowadays.Launch machine brand to say to an independence, this 10% spin of obtain unprecedented in the domestic.

  An industry insider excitedly calls that owning is like ACTECO to launch machine thus the core technical support, in the near future run on the Chinese highway of car, the halfs are all own Chinese.

  Launch machine according to the strange Rui car, general manager, Ping2 Wu3, of the company often introduces, the ACTECO launches the six greatest advantages of machine and will guarantee the strange Rui obtains to lead a position gradually in the local market.

  The product line turn:The ACTECO launch the machine has already become series to turn in the aspects of lining up quantity, fuel and overlaying the whole car car type wait.Covered 0.8 s 4.0 wait several row quantity, the yield product has the 1.3 Ls, 1.6 Ls, 1.8 Ls, 2.0 Ls the four greatest serieses;Still have gasoline machine, diesel engine, vivid fuel and hybrid dynamical complete appearance in the meantime.All essential row overlaying a class car to subdivide a market from the tiny car arrive quantity.